What’s so Pinteresting?

My surprising result with Pinterest and how it can work for your business

As the new social media site on the block, Pinterest is getting A LOT of attention, and for a good reason. Essentially it’s an online sharable scrap-book, so any

Pinterestone who has enjoyed some scrap booking or creating vision boards is likely to understand and LOVE Pinterest. But why does it matter for business? Would Pinterest help you to market your business and how? I’ll explain to you in the following video and give you some examples AND this week we have a bonus eBook provided by Brain Host that is chock full of details on how to Promote Your Website with Pinterest.

Is social media good for Business?

Yes and No….Although you don’t spend money on social media, it isn’t FREE. You have to invest your time and energy, and as you know, that equals money. I always recommend to choose your social media wisely, consider your business aims and your audience. If you get involved in social media that doesn’t engage your audience, send them to your website and ultimately develop a relationship that results in sales then you don’t get a Return on your invested time and energy. So what does this have to do with Pinterest? The great thing about Pinterest is it’s click-through rate, already reported to be way above the existing social media. In plain terms, this means that you are A LOT more likely to get people visiting your website through Pinterest than other social media.

What business benefit have I found with Pinterest?Love Pinterest

In addition to working with other businesses,  and Fluid Web Works, I have another business : Everything for Redheads. This website for Redheads has a completely different business model and target audience to Fluid Web Works, so I use the social media that is right for it. Pinterest happens to be perfect, so I have had a great opportunity to get involved and test out how it can work for business and demonstrate some of that in the following video.

How do you know if you’re getting business results from Pinterest?

Make sure you have some website tracking software like Google Analytics installed to see if you actually get the desired results. If you’re not sure how, check out these earlier posts on Google Analytics. You want to check how many referrals you get from Pinterest in comparison to other social media. In addition set up ‘goals’ that lead from that site to the last sales page of your website to see if Pinterest, is providing that ROI.

Promised Resources and Links

Download the Guide to Promote Your Website with Pinterest from Brain Host

Fotolia Image sourcing website (aff)- the one I always use.

Image editing software:

You can use the editing software that usually comes free with your computer, or for more advanced options, the following are great free resources that can be downloaded or used online;

Gimp (free) for complex – free download, alternative to professional software such as Photoshop

Picnik (free) – a simple, in-browser photo editing software. No download required, and you can edit photos that are already uploaded to sites like Picasa, Photobucket and Facebook.

Picasa (free) – an editing and sharing software owned by Google. Download to edit on your computer, and share with the world.

Aviary (free) - From basic image retouching to complex effects, Phoenix delivers the key features of a desktop image editor with the simplicity and accessibility of a web-based application.

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(update 22/06/2012)

Follow up video

Demonstrating a personal Pinterest account and how to link accounts if you have a personal and business Pinterest account

Another Update

Yes I have more to share, I did tell you there would probably be more didn’t I? Well I learnt a valuable lesson and another application for these quotes recently, and I thought it was only fair to share!

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Over to you

Have you started a Pinterest Board? Do you want to share it? Comment below about how you have used Pinterest to help your business and let us know any questions!

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