What is Google Analytics & How can you use it?

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Do you want to know what Google Analytics is, why you should be using it and how?

Google Analytics of  one the most powerful tools that a website owner can have in their toolbox and best of all: it’s FREE. Why is it so powerful? Well there isn’t much point in taking all the steps we talk about in previous posts What is Google Analytics if you don’t know whether it’s working for you, right? What is Google Analytics? It’s free website tracking that actually  provides insight into the performance of your website. This helps you to know what is  working, what isn’t and to tailor your website to work better. You don’t have to  spend a lot of time analysing this data, but if you don’t install the code, you don’t  have a choice to look back. So get it done and then if you feel like looking back, at  least you have the option to. This video talks through and shows you some of how to;

  1. Creating a Google Analytics account
  2. Connecting it to your website
  3. Viewing the data and some of the most important data to watch

This is a topic I cover in the advanced section of The Web Works course so I have included the checklist that comes with that lesson as a bonus for this post (you’re welcome).

Action Plan Checklist:

  1. Download the checklist and go through the steps
  2. Wait
  3. Log in to your Google Analytics account and go through the results
  4. Change anything that needs changing
  5. Consider other tracking like CrazyEgg, you might like this blog post I did for Crazy Egg that illustrates how it can work.
  6. Sign up to get future emails or subscribe to our YouTube Channel
  7. If you like it….like it – share this post with your peeps on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook!

Links and Additional Resources

Get access to a Google Analytics Account analytics.google.com

Install the Google Analytics Plugin for WordPress Google Analytics for WordPress

Crazy Egg tracking code that provides more in-depth analytics. You might like to see this blog post I did for the Crazy Egg blog that illustrates how it can work

Now it’s your turn…

Have you discovered anything interesting or surprising through using Google Analytics? What did you do about it? Is there anything confusing about Google Analytics? Let us know in the comments below ;)

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