Website Traffic: How do I get people to my website?

If you want to have a successful website, you need to know how to get website traffic

Website Traffic

Plain and simple, there is no point having a website if no one is going there. It can be one of the most frustrating realisations when you first make a website that it’s not enough to just produce one, you have to get people there. But how do you get website traffic to a new website? There are a few different ways and this video presentation will cover the main ways. Explaining exactly how to work each element is a blog post, or in some cases a course, in itself so watch out for future posts going further into the details. If you want an update of future posts, you can subscribe to the newsletter, or subscribe to our YouTube Channel

New Website Traffic

If you have a brand new website it can be an uphill struggle to get new website traffic but you can do it, it may just take time. Having the right strategies in place means that you can set up a regular set of activities that help get you new website traffic in a  manageable time period per week/month. The important thing is providing value to your target audience, and then encouraging them to come to your website. We’ll cover some of how to do that in this video.

Repeat Website Traffic

If someone lands on your website but you don’t have the content, service or product that they’re looking for YET, you don’t want to waste that visit. Ensure you have mechanisms set up that allow your target market and website visitors to get updates on new features if they want. Even if you’re not ready to send out any information, the hope is that you will one day and having that database of prospects is one of, if not THE, most valuable information that you have. So make sure that you have a mechanism set up that will help to drive repeat website traffic, we’ll cover some examples in the video.

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Using SEO to get website traffic

Using a Search Engine like Google or Bing is the most common method of getting New website traffic, so it’s important to make your website search engine friendly. SEO (search engine optimisation) is the process of doing this, and is a whole topic by itself that WILL be covered at a later date, but I’ll explain the basic theory that you can start work on TODAY: If you want to rank well in the search engines ‘think like Google’. What do I mean? Well consider how a search engine would know that your website is the right website to show people who are searching for a particular set of keywords (or search  term). Are those keywords featured in your website? Do you have valuable information on that topic? Is your website regularly updated with relevant content? If not, research the terms you want to be found for, and start developing that content today. I’ll explain a bit more of how to make that website content show very clearly that it is relevant to a search terms in the video;

What are your experiences with generating website traffic?

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