Get the time schedule that will transform how you see your time

Do you wonder where all your time goes? This time schedule will help you get in control

You may be newly self-employed and wondering how to spend your time on what feels like a mountain of tasks? You may be old hat at working for yourself, but Time schedule to manage your timewondering how to add a new project to the mix? You may even be just plain frustrated at wondering where all your time is going? Rest assured your  time will feel a lot more controllable once you spend 5 minutes a day using this simple resource that I made to help me.

Speaking from personal experience, I am self-employed with clients that I bill for my time, and some clients I bill on a per project basis. I also have two businesses that I run which I don’t directly bill my time for, but need to watch how I assign my time. With all those balls in the air, I wouldn’t know if I was coming or going and be ready to pull my hair out if I didn’t end the day by using this time schedule spreadsheet. (Free to download and use)

How can a time schedule really be soooo beneficial?

  • You will be able to easily bill paid clients and demonstrate what your time has been spent on (which they will appreciate)
  • It will be easier for you to keep lots of plates spinning:  Split your time between different clients, businesses or projects and keep track of where it’s going
  • You get a visual representation of how your time is being allotted so that it doesn’t all go on a project you’re not being paid for
  • You will feel confident how much money you have coming to you at the end of the month based on your time spent so far
  • You can identify common time leaks to your business (it can be surprising how much time some tasks take!)
  • You will be conscious of the time spent on tasks: By timing how much time you spend on a task you may be more controlled and stop a free task taking over
  • You can more easily balance your paid work and free projects
  • You can potentially realign your pricing structure to reflect how long it actually takes to complete a project

What will you need to use the time schedule?

Download the Time Schedule Template here

Some form of timer, whether it’s a kitchen timer or a timer from the Google desktop sidebar

Watch the tutorial video for full instructions on using the time schedule to manage your time

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