How do I start a website?

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If you’re thinking about starting a business website, this this quick guide for important questions to ask yourself, lay out your options, the associated pros and cons and reduce confusion when you start a website for your business.

When you’re starting a business, one of the most common things to get done at the beginning, along with your  stationary, is your website. Nowadays a website is pretty much expected – Its the hallmark of a professional, is your shop front 24/7,  but how do you know how to go about it? Will a cheap website be a false economy or is there a good time to use it? What are the ongoing costs? How do you know what will fit with your business?

As this is the first post in The Momentum newsletter series, I thought I’d start at the beginning (a very good place to start) and build upon the subject week by week. It is also one of the most confusing areas a start up business can encounter. Watch this video to understand a little more about your options as a business seeking a website, how a website can fit in with your business,  and whether its really necessary to invest in a designer. I also share with you important questions to ask your web designer, the reality about how web designers differ.

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If you’re interested in the likely costs when you start a website, let me know and we will delve into that in a future post – believe me, its a whole topic in itself!

Post a comment to ask any questions and suggest future blog posts. I promise to make future posts shorter (and possibly sweeter if you’re lucky) but you know what they say – if I had more time, I’d make it shorter!

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  • Nicole Juliette Lévesque

    Thank you! Very interesting and helpfull!

    • Jessica Shailes

      Thank you, do you have any other questions re starting a website?