Revelations of WordPress 3.4 ‘Green’

The buzz on the streets of the Internet world is of its latest newcomer: WordPress 3.4. This new version promises a lot of improvements including custom backgrounds, headers, a remodelled XML-RPC, and most importantly, a better online support for the international user community. What’s more, there are many bug-fixes in this version and enhancements to the existing features as well. But how different (better) is it really from its predecessors? Lets find out!

The Customizer

By far, the best feature of the new WordPress 3.4 is the ‘Live Theme Customizer’. It is an ideal solution for both the WordPress developer and his customer. It gives you the leverage to customise your theme with more WordPress options already available. This is a great feature and is sure to take wordpress3.4 a long way in increasing its WordPress 3.4 Green popularity by leaps and bounds.

Remodelled XML-RPC

XML-RPC is an arrangement and a set of tools that enables software running on different platforms to make technical calls over the Internet. Essentially, it acts as a medium for communication between our WordPress and any other software that may be running on your system. The most common use of XML-RPC is the remote blogging services. These are usually employed when such remote blogging is provided by apps like Windows Live Writer and other mobile applications.
WordPress 3.4 comes with an array of XML-RPC bug-fixes. Apart from that there are some other features that have been added as a result of a high demand like support for post thumbnails, custom post types and nomenclature.

The New API

Although it has not been publicised too much but works have begun on creating a new API that will replace the older “get_themes_()” functionality of WordPress. Initially however, one may not be able to perceive the difference. The only thing that you could probably note is that you can now place the template files in sub-directories.
But since it has already begun, one can safely assume that the new API will give more speed and reduce the file system operation.
There has been a lot of work through but the course only rubs the exterior of what we will be able to do later on. Flexible theme-management with superior performance is sure to carve a niche in the realm of WordPress development.

Bugs and Enhancements

The statistics here are a true revelation. We as WordPress users are elated to know that the new WordPress 3.4 has fixed 401 bugs! If you thought that was it, there’s more. WordPress website designs will now be much more engaging and appealing because they have added a whopping 116 enhancements! Working on WordPress is going to be no short of a treat.


We can gladly say that all this was just a preview of the entire length of additions made by WordPress 3.4. This one is going to be a gift for all the three, developer, client and end-user. Whether it is for a commercial website, or a blog of informative/interactive nature, WordPress 3.4 has it all sorted for you. We are quite sure that there is much more to come! Let us welcome this change and hope to get even better in the coming times.

With a total of 401 bugs fixed, 116 enhancements added, 3 requested features built and 52 tasks completed (at the time of writing) there is a lot more to this update than just the main features above. The WordPress 3.4 Track Milestone page has all the links and info you need to take a look at all that’s been done, and here’s a quick overview.

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