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Social Media is an important part of having a successful online presence,  but with many options which one do you go for? The following posts delve into the wonderful and ever-changing world of social media sites. If you want to go for more than just the basics, consider signing up for alerts on our up and coming social media course below. Let me know if you’d like other topics covered and what your burning questions are, this is an area that is guaranteed to grow!

Which social media is best for your business?

Are you confused about which social media option is right for you? You’re not alone – the noise around social media is getting deafening, along with the pressure to get involved in all of it. But wait… While social media doesn’t cost money, it’s not strictly FREE – you have to spend time and effort Read more…

How to start a Facebook Page

Do you have a Facebook Page? If you haven’t and you’d like to start a Facebook Page, this post will take you through all the steps to get you started Last week we talked about how to build traffic to your website, and having social media accounts like Facebook is an important part of your Read More…

What’s so Pinteresting?

My surprising result with Pinterest and how it can work for your business As the new social media site on the block, Pinterest is getting A LOT of attention, and for a good reason. Essentially it’s an online sharable scrap-book, so any one who has enjoyed some scrap booking or creating vision boards is likely to understand Read More…

Why you should use a Facebook Page NOT a Profile to promote your business

Facebook Page vs Profile as a tool to promote your business Well I’ve already briefly explained in this post on starting a Facebook Page that it’s a better idea to start a Page than a Profile, but there are more than enough reasons for a dedicated post. I am still encountering people Read More…

Your Social Media Choices made simple

Are you struggling with your Social Media options? With a growing number of social media sites to choose from, you’d be forgiven for being confused about which one (if any) would be most supportive of your business. The primary ones being Facebook and Twitter, with Linkedin, YouTube and Pinterest relevant for only some companies, even Read More…

Facebook Etiquette: Build Likes quickly without making enemies


Do you want to  build your audience on Facebook? There are lots of ways to build likes on Facebook, but one of the best is to take advantage of the audience another page already has. However, there is a right and a wrong way to do this. You can foster a lasting relationship that mutually Read More…

The Best tools for Pinterest

Do you want to use Pinterest to help your business? For many people who have tried Pinterest already, they see the pull of it, in fact it’s very hard to get away from on a personal level: but how do you make it work for business? If you’ve seen our previous post on Pinterest you’ll know Read More

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