How to get great website images for your website or blog

Do you know how to get  great website images without paying a lot?website images

Oh, without stealing them that is: it can be quite confusing trying to find a good source of images for your website without paying a lot of money, or infringing on someone else’s copyright. Even pictures that come under creative commons license can be mixed in quality and not always suitable for a professional site. So I want to introduce you to a great source of high quality images that are ideal for websites and blogs. The images that you have on your website can make a big difference to how that website is perceived; is it professional or amateur?

While there are a lot of sources for free website images, I always pay for mine. You may think I’m crazy because there are so many sources of free images? But honestly, you often get what you pay for! Don’t get me wrong though – I don’t pay much, and you’ll find that out in this week’s video….

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Why should you trust me on this?

One reason – I use this website for all my own websites because:

  • Because it’s consistently high quality
  • I’m left in no doubt about my right to use the image
  • While the images aren’t  free, they are VERY good value for money
  • I don’t have to worry about too many people using the same image
  • It’s designed for professional sites, unlike the amateur pictures often found on free sites
  • The website and desktop application makes it easy for me to manage my images

Links and resources to get your own website images

Fotolia is the website I am banging on about – remember to download the desktop application if you want to make your life easier (who doesn’t) in tools>plugins/add-ins.

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Over to you

What has your experience been with finding images for your website? Do you have any confusions, any lessons learned that you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments below!

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