Resources that I have found incredibly valuable in my businesses

Time-sheet  Template Spreadsheet

If you’re ANYTHING like me, you are constantly switching between working on different projects – whether that’s working for a client or on unpaid work. I found it was essential a few years ago, to keep track of this time to provide my clients with a detailed breakdown of what I had done with my time (and their money) each month. Nowadays I use it just as much to keep an eye on how I am spending time on different projects and businesses, even if I don’t submit it to anyone at the end of the month. Download the spreadsheet template below, and use the instructions included or watch the how to video included below. O and if you have anything to say about it, comment below :)

 Download the Timesheet Template


 Procrastination Resources

As a sole trader or entrepreneur, you have complete control over your time, no one telling you what to do, breathing down your neck – great huh? Well not always…one of the hardest things to get used to when in control of your own time, is using it in the best way. Procrastination was an issue I faced quickly after becoming self employed and one of the first and most valuable resources I turned to was a podcast on procrastination from Professor Tim Pychyl at I developed a spreadsheet (anyone noticing a theme here?) to help analyse and ‘budget’ my time, and make more reasonable goals. To see the full post and backstory to this spreadsheet click to see the page Is time running away from you?. The resources from this page are included below

 Download Time Budget Example

 Download Time Budget Template

 Download Instructions for the Time Budget