An easy SEO tactic that builds your website traffic

Do you want some easy SEO tactics that are so simple you forget you’re doing SEO?

Who wouldn’t? If you’ve seen any of the past blog posts, you may have already seen me talk about SEO tactics, blogging and using WordPress. This easy SEOvideo example explains how to easily use those in your signature content to make SEO easy to manage. Even if you don’t have a blog or WordPress, it’s still worth paying attention! Oh and consider moving over to WordPress ;)

Easy SEO if you’re starting a website

When you’re making your website structure, consider what your ideal audience will be searching for when you want them to find you. It may mean that you change your website copy and word order to suit. For example people looking for a wedding planner in Yorkshire might search ‘wedding planners Yorkshire’ but they may also search ‘how to plan your wedding’. The second phrase has more searches per month and lower competition, so finding a place to put this phrase is very useful.

How do you know where to put these phrases? If it’s a long phrase (more than 3 words or a question) that seems like a problem to solve then it’s a potential blog post, or a page attached to a FAQ. If it’s a short phrase that describes your business then you want to include the phrase in your key pages: Homepage, About page, Contacts page and anywhere else in the footer of your website.

To make your job easier, pick a few key phrases and just concentrate on those, don’t try to dilute your efforts and overcomplicate things by using too many phrases. To help decide which phrases are most searched and lowest competition, try the Google Adwords Keyword Planner. You will need an Adwords account but won’t need to have an active campaign to use it.

Taking these steps at this stage in your website development will make your life so much easier and develop great habits at the beginning.

Easy SEO if you’re blogging

If you’ve already built a website and you’re looking for blog content, then using the Google Adwords Keyword Planner can help you here as well. Just search for your topic, sort by competition and see what comes up – some viable blog topics no doubt. Then list in an editorial calendar for good measure. Going through the process makes starting a blog a much less daunting process and more likely to be successful. After all, you will be sure that people are actually looking for the item you’re writing about, and what words they’re using!

The Keywords planner has changed since this video was made, so I’ve produced this quick PDF guide to demonstrate how to get the same results from the new tool. Download

Now for a walk through on the easy way to manage all of this with your website:

You may also like this past post going over the principles of SEO and traffic building in a presentation.

WordPress SEO by Yoast Plugin

Google Keywords Tool

Over to you…

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