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Social Media and the Law

While social media can seem like a bit of fun to many,  your actions on social media sites have very serious repercussions. The following infographic demonstrates this perfectly with cases of jail time and penalties for being anti social via social media. Infogaphic creates by the law experts at  Cartwright King. Social Media and the Law […]

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Productive Ways to Get People to Read your content and re-tweet

It is a great honor as a blogger, when your content will re-tweet again over the time. The reason is that it will make your presence on the internet more pleasurable as well. Since, some productive ways have to be taken by you for re-tweeting the content. Actually, what happens is that, your positive attitude […]

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Have You Considered the Costs of Growing Your Small Business?

Owning a small business can be an extremely rewarding and satisfying. To build your own business and be your own boss, more and more people are taking this option in their career pathway. Growing your business and the costs associated with it are vastly underestimated. It’s a necessity at some point, here are a few […]

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Be a premier performer at tackling debt

Think that debt is reserved for those with large student loans or an abundance of credit cards? Small business owners can be in danger of falling into the traps of uncontrollable debt. From spending well over your profit margin or just not keeping proper track of your accounting, small business owners can get distracted from […]

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Things To Consider When Choosing Business Finance Software

Finance and accounting are vital aspects of any business, no matter how big or small it may be; so as an entrepreneur it is something that you need to consider – whether you like it or not. Unfortunately, far too many small business owners neglect their finances, because let’s face it, it’s not the most […]

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Are you a sole trader? Should you form a limited company?

This is something many sole traders consider for various reasons. To most it just seems logical; you run a business so why not have a company. It just seems like the next step. Unfortunately, like many things in the world of tax, it is fraught with confusion, HMRC phone lines and extra paperwork. It can […]

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What you need to know about social media

Every business should be aware of the power of social media when it comes to customer relations and digital marketing by now. Certainly, it’s in the news and all over the internet and is a very popular topic with all sorts of sites, from advertising agencies to technology. Social is an excellent tool for increasing […]

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Top Tips for Small Businesses Thinking About Adopting a Cloud Computing Service

Do your homework on cloud computing First and foremost, trust your business instincts. Just because everyone is talking about cloud computing doesn’t necessarily mean that it will deliver a tangible benefit for you and your business. Utilising cloud computing can offer many benefits for SMEs; but remember to do your research before making the change, […]

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Is Personalized Branding Worth The Effort?

You’ve spent a lot of time building you company brand and now you’re beginning to wonder if there might be a better way forward. Kudos to you. Companies that succeed long term do so because they are willing to consider change. But change isn’t always necessary. It can back fire. It can hurt you. The […]

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Taking Your Small Business to the Next Level

All businesses start off small usually with the intention of growing into a larger company that is a competitive business within its niche market. It is always wise to make sure your small business is secure and has the ability to grow before taking the initial steps to take your business to the next level. […]

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