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Business/Marketing consultant and Website Designer trading as Fluid Web Works located in East Yorkshire.Website About

Hi! The name’s Shailes, Jess Shailes.

You may be interested in how I got where I am, but I don’t want to bore you with a bunch of chronological stuff, I just want to share what’s relevant to what I care about and am trying to accomplish now.

My business experience has predominantly been with small businesses and sole traders, having worked with a range of companies from start ups to 40 year old companies, in retail, ecommerce, service, hospitality and construction fields. I prefer the intimacy and rewarding results you gain working with small companies, and strive to empower them to make the most of their opportunities.

After finishing a HND and BA Hons in Business, Marketing and Advertising Communications I began working as a marketing executive for a chocolate fountain company. Within that role I over saw all the marketing activities for the company, including assisting on product development and began learning web design.

After a few years I went to Korea to teach English, which was amazing! Once you learn how to engage and communicate with a room of teenagers that can’t understand most of what you’re saying, its much easier to communicate with most people! During my time there I continued web design and began my love affair with WordPress.

Since my return to England, I have traded as a web designer, providing advice and support for small businesses and sole traders in the area they want support in.  The core thing that I have learnt from my work with sole traders and small businesses, is that with massive advances in technology in the last few years, it is now possible for anyone with basic computer skills,  to produce their own, great quality, website. Not only that, its necessary for sole traders to do so, to have a chance to compete and represent their brands fully. Producing websites, and handing them over to someone who can’t use it as the business building tool that it is, doesn’t work for anyone, including me. That’s why I have completely changed the way I work to offer my services where wanted, and information where needed! You may be interested in the Fluid Web Works programmes, to see what I mean

Where to next? I couldn’t have imagined that I would want, let alone get the most wonderful opportunities that I have had over the past few years, so I may not be able to guess what’s in store next. What I can tell you is that it will be authenticity, drive and determination. The things that I find most natural is teaching, problem solving, and using technology. I love learning about how the mind works, and ways to live a happier more fulfilled life. So you can bet your bottom dollar it will be connected to some, if not all of those things.  I believe strongly that we are all capable of more when playing to our natural abilities, and strengths, so if I can help others find the same fulfilment and personal version of success I will do.

I have a personal blog that I hope to use for more personal projects in the future, so for things that are not so related to web design, please check out www.jessicashailes.co.uk

Hope to see you soon :) Jess

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P.S. if you really want to know some things about me  – I play the piano, enjoy art (both producing and admiring), I’m a pesci vegan (as in a vegan sort of, but I eat fish, which makes me very pesky indeed), LOVE dark chocolate, should really exercise more, and analyse EVERYTHING far too much (although that’s a matter of opinion).

P.P.S I also have very vibrant, red hair… if you hadn’t noticed and run an online business catering to Redheads called Everything for Redheads. It’s a great case study for developing some of the practises that I share with you here, I don’t just talk the talk, I walk the walk!