A gift to help you start a website and a big shake up

If you’ve been wanting to start a website for some time; have I got a treat for you!

In fact, even if you have already started your website, you’ll want to read on…start a website

I’ve developed  a habit that you may want to use yourself, and it’s driven a shake up in how I do things as well as a FREE gift to you. I’ll explain all that in a bit, but first a quick tip for you.

Give your customers what they want

Obvious I know, but it’s surprising how often you may not know what it is that they actually want; what confuses them, what their challenges are, what they lie awake at night  thinking about. Especially because you are probably an expert, a specialist in your field; can you really remember what it was like to not know what you know and be able to do what you do?

Start a Website cover

This is why it is crucial that you ask at every available opportunity about the challenges that your target market face and how you can help. You may think of a new service you can provide, added value to your existing service, a product, an e-book, a programme. This is the same process that lead me to…

The ‘Start a Website Today’ Work book

When talking with clients and people about what I do, I found that a lot of people would say that they knew they wanted to build a website, but “just didn’t know where to start”. It was surprising to find the questions that people had and so I decided to produce this work book. It takes you through all the essentials for creating your own website and starting today, including:

  • The basic components you will NEED to make a website
  • The costs of making a website
  • Things to include in your website
  • How to write the content of your website
  • Making sure your website is found
  • How to name a website and decide on a domain name
  • Your website options and further resources and links

Why a work book and not an ebook?

The focus for this work book is action, not just ideas. By the time you have worked your way to the end you will have ALREADY started your website, and clear on what you need to do next.

How do you get yours?

If you want to get the work book for yourself, go ahead and add your details to get a link to download the work book emailed to you.
Do you want to start a website?
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Changes to the Momentum newsletter

Since the beginning of this newsletter I have created weekly videos to go with the emails to guide you on your journey to having a successful online presence. However, 10 minutes or more is too much time to expect from you when you’re going about your busy business life every week. So I’m going to make a change. The Newsletter from now on will give a weekly tip that is easy for your to implement without any need to watch a video. In addition, I will continue to produce a monthly post including a video for more in depth subjects.

The benefit of this change will be;

  • Easy to action tips
  • Digestible weekly emails
  • Better quality monthly posts as I can devote more time to the videos when doing them less often
  • All past posts and videos will remain available for you to view in the blog or our YouTube channel.

Now to view more details on the ‘Start your Website Today’ work book watch the following video

Over to you

What questions do you have about creating your own website? What challenges have you faced? Let us know in the comments below.

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